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Assault and Battery dismissed

Case: 13Mxxx62 Sacramento County PC 242. Exposure: 365 days of county jail and 10 year loss of firearm rights. Result: Case dismissed in full. Click here to see more results from Sacramento Legal Defense.

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3rd DUI Dismissed

Case 15Fxxx45 Sacramento County Driving under the influence (DUI). 3rd offence with injury.  BAC. .23 Exposure: 6 years state prison + $10,000 fine + Ignition Interlock Device + 18 month alcohol education class. Result: DA dismissed the...

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Second Wet Reckless

Case 13Txxx93 Sacramento County Driving under the influence (DUI) with two prior convictions. (One conviction was 13-years-old, one conviction was 4-years-old). Exposure: 365 days jail + $2400 fine + Ignition Interlock Device + 18...

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