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PC 484 DEJ

Case: 13Mxxx89 Sacramento County: PC 484 Exposure: 180 days jail + loss of professional license. Result: All charges dropped after DEJ class Click here to see more results from Sacramento Legal Defense.

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Domestic Violence Dismissal

Case: 13Mxxx08 Sacramento County Domestic Violence case: Exposure: 365 days jail + $1000 fine + 1 year batters treatment classes + lifetime ban of firearms and hunting rights. Result:  Case dismissed in full. Client...

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Placer VC 23103 DEJ

Case: 62-xxx41 Placer County wreckless driving. Speed over 110 MPH Exposure: 180 days jail + fine + 2 points of license + potential loss of professional license. Result:  Case dismissed for DEJ class. Click...

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