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“Mr. Holbus was very knowledgeable and diligent in going over all the scenarios that could come from my charges. The police took all of my firearms.  Not only did John get my charges dismissed, but he made sure that my firearms would be returned to me and not destroyed.”

“The jury deliberated for only 20 minutes. When the foreman read, ‘not guilty on all charges.’ I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. I asked Mr. Holbus,’What does this mean?’ He looked over at me and said, ‘why are you still sitting here, go home’ “.

“I wasn’t able to hunt for 14 years. Thanks to Mr. Holbus I am able to go hunting with my son for the first time ever this October. I highly recommend Mr. Holbus as an excellent firearm attorney”

“Mr. Holbus was honest and did what he said he would. I never once got feeling like I was being sold a bag of goods like I have with some other lawyers I had dealt with. I highly recommend John Holbus for anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer.”

Recent Results

7th lifetime DUI (felony) - No prison

Posted on October 31, 19

Case: 19FExxx62 Sacramento County Driving under the influence (DUI) Exposure: 5 years prison + $10,000 fine +10 year loss of driver’s license + IID...

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Medical doctor's gun rights restored after WI 8103 hear...

Posted on September 30, 19

Case: 62-xxxxx11 Client was falsely placed on a WI 5150 hold and lost all firearm rights. Result: Over the judge’s objection, the District Attorney...

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Firearm Dealer Arrested. All Charges Dropped.

Posted on September 18, 19

Case 62-xxxxx17 Placer County: Former Sheriff Deputy retired and opened a firearm store in Placer County. One of his employees took in a firearm...

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Secretary of State Employee Gun Charges Dismissed

Posted on September 01, 19

Case 15Mxxx73 Secretary of State employee brought was charged with bringing a loaded firearm into a government building Exposure: 3 years state prison, $10,000 fine,...

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High Capacity Magazine - Reduced to Misdemeanor

Posted on August 17, 19

Case 19FExxx94 Sacramento County, client charged with possession of high capacity magazine and possession of loaded gun in a vehicle Exposure: 6 years and...

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Felon In Possession With A Gun - Reduced

Posted on July 02, 19

Case 19Fxxx41 Sacramento County felon in possession of a firearm. Exposure: 4 years state prison + $10,000 fine. Result: DA offered a misdemeanor (felon in possession of ammunition)...

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Assault and Battery dismissed

Posted on March 19, 19

Case: 19Mxxx62 Sacramento County PC 242. Exposure: 365 days of county jail and 10 year loss of firearm rights. Result: Case dismissed in full....

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.19 Wet Reckless

Posted on March 09, 19

Case 19mxxx02 Sacramento County Driving under the influence (DUI).  BAC. 19% Exposure: 180 days jail + $2400 fine + Ignition Interlock Device + 6...

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Violation of Restraining Order Dismissed

Posted on February 21, 19

Case 18Mxxxx47 Sacramento County violation of a restraining order. Exposure: 365 days jail + $1000 fine. Result: Dismissed in full after completing anger management...

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Felony Burglary Reduced to Misdemeanor

Posted on February 18, 19

Case: 18Mxxx49 Sacramento County PC 459 Exposure: 3 years state prison. Result: Client plead to misdemeanor for 30 days of home electronic monitor. Click...

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.10% DUI: HD acquittal and DMV action overturned

Posted on January 31, 19

Case: 19Mxxx27 Sacramento County Driving under the influence (DUI). BAC .10% Exposure: 180 days jail + $2400 fine + Ignition Interlock Device + 3...

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Third DUI - alternative sentencing.

Posted on November 06, 18

Case: 18mxxx27 Sacramento County Driving under the influence (DUI) Exposure: 365 days jail + $2400 fine +10 year loss of driver’s license + IID...

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